Natures Answer Red Clover Tops

Natures Answer Red Clover Tops is known as (Trifolium pratense) and is the flowering part of a plant in the Fabaceae botanical family. Red clover is easily recognized and grows in fields and uncultivated land in many areas of the county. The flower comes out in late spring and often lasts, or reflowers until early fall.

The part of the plant that is used to prepare herbal teas and tinctures is the flower top. Red clover refers to the purple flowers that grow on top of this plant. In fact, some people prefer to call it Purple Clover rather than Red clover. In any case, the color differentiates it from the white flower tops that adorn the similar, but smaller species known as Trifolium repens.


Natures Answer Red Clover Tops are MUCH MORE CONCENTRATED than Liquid Tinctures.

If you compare the milligrams you are getting per dose, you will notice that TWO DROPPERFULS (2 ml) is made from 2000 mg concentrated herbal extract!

Menopause Support*

Low Organic Alcohol

Made from 2000 mg Red Clover Tops


Kosher Certified



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