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Herbamare Spicy

Herbamare Spicy is a product resulting from sea salt and a healthy selection of 15 different fresh organically grown vegetables, taken to our factory’s within a few hours of being harvested. Other ingredients include horseradish, chili, pepper garden herbs, and super healthy iodine rich kelp.


Our new Herbamare Spicy is now even spicier! Herbamare® Spicy contains a similar blend of organic herbs and vegetables as Herbamare® Original, with added chili powder, black pepper, and horseradish for an extra kick. 

Sea salt, vegetables and herbs (chilli powder* (3.1%), black pepper* celery*, leek*, cress*, onion*, chives*, parsley*, lovage*, garlic*, horseradish*, basil*, marjoram*, rosemary*, thyme*), and kelp.
* Certified organic

Allergy and intolerance information
Free from MSG, gluten, lactose, milk protein, additives, and preservatives.

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