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Golden-Rod Knotgrass Tea Bags

Golden-Rod Knotgrass Tea Bags are made from Goldenrod, Birch leaves, Knotgrass, Horsetail, and Wild and are pansyare mainly perennial and native to North America. They were taken to Europe and other sectors around the 18th Century and in this day and age are often spotted in random meadows, fields and even in ditches, it has high ratings for making a refreshing drink.


Golden-Rod Knotgrass Tea Bags herbal tea offers Golden Rod a herb in a large group of nearly 100 flowering plants from the family Asteraceae.  This herbal tea contains Golden Rod (Solidago) a herb in a group of about 100 flowering plants in the family Asteraceae. Golden Rods are mainly perennial and native to North America.  They were brought into Europe and other parts of the world in the 18th Century and today, are commonly found in meadows, fields, and ditches.

A.Vogel Golden Rod Herbal Tea makes a refreshing drink and contains golden rod, birch leaves, knotgrass, horsetail and wild pansy. It is packed with natural flavours and will help cleanse and refresh your system from the inside, helping to remove impurities from the body.

Ingredients: Goldenrod, Birch leaves, Knotgrass, Horsetail and Wild pansy.
Directions for use:

Allow one herbal teabag per person. 

Infuse with freshly boiled water.

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